With WIX or Squarespace or even WordPress, many companies or small businesses have started building their own websites and some, admitted, have done a great job because they have a creative person onboard who is willing to put in the extra effort to write and insert good content into the website.

However, many DIY websites look like they are half-finished and they lack the content to impress thus they are unable to generate any leads. And so, some companies conclude from this that websites are ineffective and a waste of time.

But here are 3 stats that show us that actually we need a good website and a great web designer to build it:

  1. As of 2018, Singapore has an internet penetration rate of 84%. To put it simply, 84% of the population is on the internet.
  2. The same report revealed that 95% of these internet users browse the internet on their phones and 91% on their smartphones.
  3. 59% of all who use the internet prefer to complete tasks digitally whenever possible.

The only logical conclusion that we can draw from this is that the main Singaporean market place is now online; it is no longer a mall, a street or a physical market.

Therefore how we appear on this marketplace becomes more important than how we look physically. Our virtual address is more important than our physical one.

A great web designer is one that understands your business and can bring out the best and represent your business offerings well on the internet. When a potential customer arrive at your website, they must know what you are about within the first few seconds and trust that you are who you say you are. And then they must be able to find and understand your products or the services that you offer and be able to contact you or better, to be able to buy with 1 click and pay for the product immediately.

Your website must be accurate and stay updated at all times and it must have content that helps you to rank better and better on the search engines. Your website should evolve with your business and stay ahead of the trend to be continuously successful.

Tall order? Yes, it has to be because the website has become your most important branding, marketing and sales tool!

And if you believe that, what kind of budget should you allocate to it?